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About us

Gatidis is a contemporary enterprise in the bakery-confectionery industry, which runs a vertically integrated unit for the production of bread, confectionery products and frozen dough, as well as a large network of stores in Northern Greece, and in particular in the prefectures of Serres, Drama, Kavala and Thessaloniki.

With more than 50 types of bread, 45 types of frozen dough products and 151 confectionery products, we here at Gatidis can safely say that we offer an impressive variety of products which does not stop at the classical flavours, but covers all your taste buds' demands all day, every day. All our products are prepared in a privately-owned production unit under constant and strict quality controls, and are distributed to all
our stores so that you can enjoy unwavering quality and flavour.

At the same time, our collaborations and constantly expanding distribution network including large supermarkets have brought your favourite products closer to you, wherever you may be! Our company also has a fully equipped and experienced catering department, which can cater for any kind of social and professional event.

Gatidis Fresh