A passion that has lasted since 1978 | Gatidis - Bakery Patisserie

A passion that has lasted since 1978

Our involvement in the magical world of baking began in 1978 when Athanasios Gatidis opened his first store in Serres Prefecture. His love and passion for creating and offering authentic bread and sweet flavours are what quickly set our business apart from the typical bakeries and led us, in 1994, to establish our own contemporary production unit at the 3rd kilometre on the Serres Drama road.

Since then our development has been constant and rapid: in 1992 we opened our first branch in Serres Prefecture, in 2000 we opened the store on the Ofrynio waterfront in Kavala Prefecture, while in 2001 we expanded to Drama, where we currently run a total of 3 stores. Our carefully planned business moves and activities have established our position in Northern Greece. In 2009 our company made its presence felt in Thessaloniki too, winning over the demanding consumers of Thessaloniki with its mouth-watering products. There are currently 4 stores in Thessaloniki, in the city centre, in Kalamaria, in Ampelokipi and in Charilaou, and there are more to come in the future...

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